Walker Fine Arts Exhibit 2017, Denver, CO

HUMAN|NATURE Artist Statement

My work in HUMAN|NATURE is specifically inspired by the garden with its unique combination of natural and manmade forms. As an artist, I’m intensely aware of the visual compositions I am creating in my garden. In my art, this ordering of nature exists symbolically through the integration of organic and geometric forms in all my work.

In addition to form, I’m also drawn to less tangible aspects that are revealed through a close relationship with and observation of the garden through the seasons. For example, remnants of last year’s structures are superimposed with next year’s growth, creating a physical manifestation of the passage of time. These observations of natural phenomena include elements such as process, flow, force, time, cycles, overlay and simultaneity.

Techniques used to express these less tangible elements include repetition, variations, parallel imagery, ghosted imagery, and reflected imagery. The use of dual and serial panels along with the physicality of the etched paint, cutouts, layering, and metallic reflections further convey the observed phenomena of human/nature interaction, both concrete and ethereal.