Walker Fine Art Exhibit 2018, Denver, CO

The Space Between

Featuring Karin Schminke, Meagen Svendsen, Angela Beloian, Allison SvobodaJonathan Hils, Jesse Poulin, Chris Hassig

It is in the quiet, the emptiness and the pause, where we can find serenity, balance and wholeness of the mind. In this exhibition, Walker Fine Art explores the physical manifestation of visual meditation. As the featured artists in The Space Between balance the negative space in their artistic compositions, a meditative practice also forms. It is within this tranquil search, the space between can reveal its harmonious power.

Karin Schminke Artist Statement

All of my art is inspired by the natural world. I find the multitudes of textures and patterns in all forms of nature soothing to the soul, with contemplation thereof akin to meditation for me. It is this calming effect that I strive to capture in my art.

My work in “The Space Between” is specifically concerned with life cycles. The roles of time, resiliency, and consistency in the natural world are featured. The forms are purposefully abstracted to enhance contemplation while facilitating themes of absence, persistence, and correspondence.

My process begins with drawings, photographs, or even direct plant prints of forms that appeal to me. For this exhibit all the inspiration came from my garden–including the weeds. Working from these source materials, I select parts to represent the whole. This reductive process allows me to create areas of focus along with areas of rest: the negative (empty) spaces. In this way I orchestrate a visual experience that includes “quiet” spots within the work allowing the eye and mind a space to rest.

As the art is developed and produced I strive to create work that is both approachable and yet reserves mysteries for further exploration.

Karin Schminke, 2018