“Traditions and Process” Virtual Visit

From September 2 to October 2, 2022, Karin’s work was included in an exhibit titled Traditions and Process at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts on Bainbridge Island. The exhibit also included works on panel by Karen Cornell as well as baskets by Bill Roeder and Gail Tremblay.

On this page, you can watch Karin’s Artist Talk on YouTube, see the work installed at the gallery and read Karin’s Artist Statement for this show. In the sidebar on the right, you can view all the art in the exhibition. Clicking on an image will provide a larger view and more information. On the bottom right, you can contact Karin or sign up to receive exhibition announcements.

Karin’s Artist Talk with Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Executive Director, Debra Ruzinsky

Installation Photos

Traditions and Process Artist Statement

My art documents my relationship to the natural world. I have always turned to nature for relaxation and solace, and creating art about this relationship strives to extend the experience for both myself and for those viewing the art. 

Some works in this exhibition are somewhat documentary as they capture the essence of plant forms at a particular time and place. For example, the small works in the Garden Journal series are based on ink and pencil drawings done in early summer in my garden and etched onto painted wood panels. They each express wonder at the formal richness and variety of nature. 

To some people, these modern times suggest never-before-seen changes and conflict as a tectonic shift. Nature tells a different story of re-occurring cycles of destruction and renewal. In Now and Then, Again flowing grasses are presented both in their lustrous prime and in their beautiful decline, while a backlit panel drives the sense of power, change—and potential.

Potential and possibilities are also themes for the large works in this exhibition created on wood and metal panels. In these works, potential and growth appear paused as if in winter. On closer inspection the works pulse with possibility, while the bottom panels appear as reservoirs of strength and energy to sustain in times ahead.

To create these works I move between traditional painting, drawing and photographic media and digital media. The digital tools are used both in development and production of the art. But the process is seldom linear, and work jumps back and forth across the analog/digital divide as the work evolves. Even in production of this art the digital divide is blurred, as you can see in the blending of laser cut forms and traditionally painted surfaces.