News From Schminke Art Studio

Upcoming Seattle Exhibition

In May, Karin will exhibit with 8 other artists in an exhibit at Lynn Hanson Gallery in Pioneer Square, Seattle’s downtown art district. More information to follow.

Recent Exhibition

This fall Karin was one of the featured artists in an exhibit in Denver titled “The Space Between” at Walker Fine Art.  

Exhibit description from the gallery:
In this exhibition, Walker Fine Art explores the physical manifestation of visual mediation. As the featured artists in The Space Between balance the negative space in their artistic compositions, a meditative practice also forms. It is within this tranquil search, the space between can reveal its harmonious power.

The exhibit ran September 14 through November 4. Photos of the exhibit courtesy of Walker Fine Art can be viewed here.

Above: Work from the “Garden Journal” Series, each 11.5 x 11.5 inches. Laser cut and etched painted Baltic birch panel.

Current Residential Installation

“State Change” temporarily installed in residence. Pumice on surface creates a dense black to contrast with light reflecting-aluminum above.


Exhibits and Installations  


Karin’s work was included in a show titled HUMAN|NATURE which ran June 23 through September 2, 2017 at Walker Fine Art. You can see more photos of this exhibit here.

To view images of Karin’s exhibit at Walker Fine Art in 2016 featuring an installation of cut wood and metal screens, follow this link.

Photos of Karin’s LED lit installation in the exhibit “Tectonic SHIFT • Dynamics of Change” in Denver in 2016 can be viewed here.